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Act III of Kentucky Route Zero was released on May 6, 2014.


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Lysette and Conway

Conway sits at breakfast with Lysette on the morning before he left with the delivery to Dogwood Drive, they talk about her dead son Charlie and she displays obvious memory trouble. A woman, Cora, is coming to take her away, most likely to an assisted living center. The dream slowly vanishes and Conway then awakens back at Dr. Truman's. 

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Conway with ghost leg

Truman has fixed Conway's leg, which appears to have been replaced entirely by a ghostly skeletal leg, like those had by the skeleton Hard Times workers. Only Conway is able to see the phantom leg, commenting on it briefly. Truman tells Conway he couldn't have been dreaming due to use of Neurypnol TM. He then explains future leg care/Neurypnol side effects, telling Conway he will never be fully recovered. 

Museum of Dwellings Edit

Conway, Shannon, and Ezra are back at the Museum of Dwellings. Shannon tells Conway about her past drug problems with Weaver's ADD medication. Emily, Ben and Bob of Limits and Demonstrations stand outside the museum, debating whether to enter. Conway tells them not to, but they don't appear to hear him (like in Act I) and continue arguing. Ezra runs to the edge of the rain-filled parking lot and stands with Flora, watching her paper boat float away. 

Conway and Shannon, now having the files for Lula, decide to head back to Equus Oils for directions to the Zero from Joseph, as the cave entrance from Act I located in the back yard of the Marquez Farmhouse has vanished.

A Tree Edit

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A Tree

Conway's truck stalls out next to a tree and Shannon calls a tow truck company but doesn't get help. Junebug and Johnny drive by on a motorcycle on the way to perform at the Lower Depths bar. Although they are late already, they stop to help in hopes of gaining an audience at their performance.

Equus Oils Edit

Players can choose to stop and talk with Joseph, mentioning the encounter with Lula.

The Lower Depths Edit

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Junebug and Johnny

At the bar, Junebug and Johnny perform their song Too Late to Love You. Harry, the bartender, then gives them directions to the Zero.

The Hall of the Mountain King Edit

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Hard Times Whiskey Distillery Edit

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Main locations
  • Dr. Truman's House
  • Side of Road (Breakdown)
  • The Lower Depths
  • Bureau of Reclaimed Spaces
  • The Hall of the Mountain King
  • Hard Times Whiskey Distillery
Optional locations & encounters
  • Equus Oils
  • Drive-In Theater
  • Shannon's Workshop
  • Convenience Store
  • Carrington (Equus Oils, Elkhorn Mine, or Storage Facility)
  • Bus Stop & Passenger Homes
  • Petting Zoo
  • Arcade
  • Model Train Store
  • Overturned Boat
Optional locations along the Zero
  • Consolidated Power Office
  • Rust Archives
  • Phil Morton's Van
  • Sinkhole
  • Children Encounters (3)
  • Bat Cave
  • Boat
  • Mosaic

Soundtrack Edit

Track list for Act III soundtrack:

  1. Xanadu − 02:44
  2. Weird Vector − 03:06
  3. Hall of the Mountain King − 03:37
  4. Too Late to Love You − 06:14
  5. What Would You Give − 03:30

Development and referencesEdit

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This section is empty or incomplete and requires expansion.
  • GameRankings: 89/100[1]
  • Metacritic: 91/100[2]

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Kentucky Route Zero

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