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Emily, Ben, and Bob enter the exhibit

Played as a retrospective exhibition of Lula Chamberlain's installation art. The five pieces were originally displayed over a thirty-five year period, and were almost impossible to install in those locations.


Emily, Ben, and Bob are visitors to the exhibition. They examine and discuss the art pieces open-endedly.

Works of ArtEdit

Basement Puzzle -2

Basement Puzzle #2

Basement Puzzle #2 (artist, sunset and horse)1976, plaster and wire.

  • The characters discuss theories of puzzles in relation to the piece.


Overdubbed Nam June Paik


Overdubbed Nam June Paik Installation in the style of Edward Packer1965, 1973, 1980. Magnetic tape, hand-help tape playback head, speaker system, voice of the artist, computer-synthesized speech.

  • Characters interact with the piece to play Lula's past recordings.



Visage, 1984, unknown media

  • Machines included are revealed teletype terminals and a PDP tape cabinet.
  • a tornado of sorts spins above the machines creating a haunting portrait.

Vertex Texture Fetch

Vertex Texture Fetch

Vertex Texture Fetch (Three, Television, and Suspended Cathode Ray Tube), 1968, Found Materials

  • TV screen has unrecognizable image.

Spinning Coin, Suspended, Correcting for Angular Motion

Spinning Coin, Suspended...


Spinning Coin, Suspended, Correcting for Angular Motion, 1976, found materials


The player controls Emily. The controls are the same as those within KRZ. Informational stands in front of each art piece can be interacted with to learn more about them. This interaction technique is later encountered again in the Museum of Dwellings in Act II.

Kentucky Route Zero

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