Mimi and Jenn.01

Mimi and Jenn discuss the security tapes at the Radvansky Center.

Mimi and Jenn are two characters encountered in Act IV. They work at a university, conducting research out of the Radvansky Center along the Echo River. The player can choose to stop at the Radvansky Center to participate in their research study as a means of making extra cash. Notably, the scene featuring Mimi and Jenn takes place long after the events of Act IV; Mimi and Jenn uncover the video tapes of the characters' visit and, upon realizing that the tapes have never been processed, decide to watch and code them. The player never sees Mimi or Jenn, but can read their dialogue as they watch the videos.

While the exact nature of Mimi and Jenn's research remains unclear, they appear to be conducting a psychological study concerning the interaction of memory and emotion; ironically, Jenn is shown to be somewhat forgetful herself, having no recollection of several memories that Mimi shares of the lab.

Mimi reveals toward the end of Act IV that she dated Lysette and Ira's son, Charlie, in college, and was deeply affected by his unexpected death. She also recognizes Will from her university days, and knew Weaver Marquez from when they both worked together at the community television station WEVP, before her mysterious departure and the flood that destroyed the station.

If the player chooses not to disembark at the Radvansky Center, Will reads a book in which Mimi and Jenn are characters, remarking that while Mimi is older than Jenn they seem to be at the same place in their lives.