Located at

  • youruser/Documents/KentuckyRouteZero in windows

this xml cointains all choices/events in KRZ, including demos. Each chapter is contained in a <act> tag, and events in <variable> tag. Here is a useful list of variables meaning and possible values. Savegame Variables

  • act-number: integer. Replacing it changes number displayed in menu.
  • scene-number: as above
  • act-x-started/finished: T/F. Determines continue/restart options in menu.
  • current-scene-name: Location after loaded the game. Possible values are "Hotmk" (hall of the mountain king), "Tavern", "TavernActThree", (The Lower Depths), "Storage", "StorageActThree" (random access storage center), "Distillery" (Hard Times distillery), "MarquezFarm", "Bureau", "BureauActThree" (after distillery), "Forest", "UnderWorld", "UnderWorldActThree" (The Zero)
  • overworld-location: Location on state map
  • underworld-location: Location on Zero map. "MarquezFarm",
  • underworld-nap-hint: Place to go if"Bureau"

Game-related Variables

  • conway-fascination: destination
  • dog-nameless: T/F
  • dog-name: Dog, Blue, Homer
  • odometer: numeric value
  •  ;

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